The International Conference and Exhibition on

Ubiquitous Positioning,

Indoor Navigation and Location-Based Services

Corpus Christi, Texas, USA, 20-21 November 2014

Hey there! Below is the general conference program. You can download a fully-detailed version as a DOCX here, or the on-site version here.

Day 1

Wednesday 19 Nov 2014
15:00 Registration
18:30 Ice Breaker Reception

Day 2

Thursday 20 Nov 2014
8:00 Registration
9:00 Conference Opening
Dr. Flavius Killebrew, President of Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
Dr. Luis Cifuentes, Vice-President of Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
Dr. Lifford McLauchlan, Chair, IEEE Corpus Christi Section
9:40 Keynote Speaker
Got GPS? The Navigation Gap
Dr. Mikel Miller
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 GNSS I
SID 06 Use of Diversity Techniques for Weak GNSS Signal Tracking in Fading Environments, Siddakatte R. K., Broumandan A. and Lachapelle G. SID 07 Weak GPS Signal Acquisition Using Antenna Diversity Mozaffari M., Broumandan A., O’Keefe K. and Lachapelle G. SID 38 Performance Evaluation of Carrier-to-Noise Density Ratio Estimation Techniques for BeiDou B1 Signal Bhuiyan M. Z. H., Söderholm S., Thombre S., Ruotsalainen L., Kirkko-Jaakkola M. and Kuusniemi H.
11:00 Evaluation & Prediction
SID 44 Infrastructure for Benchmarking RF-based Indoor Localization Under Controlled Interference, Lemic F., Büsch J., Chwalisz M., Handziski V. and Wolisz A. SID 22 Evaluation of Angle of Arrival Estimation for Localization in Multiple Indoor Environments, Wielandt St., Van Nieuwenhuyse A., Nauwelaers B., Goemaere J.-P.and De Strycker L. SID 31 Experimental Evaluation of the Spatial Error Distribution of Indoor Localization Algorithms, Adler St., Schmitt S. and Kyas M.
12:15 Lunch
13:30 GNSS II
SID 75 A new Non-Linear Filtering Algorithm for Road-Constrained Vehicle Tracking, Peisker A., Morelande M. and Kealy A. SID 35 Performance of a MEMS IMU Deeply Coupled With a GNSS Receiver under Jamming, Kirkko-Jaakkola M., Ruotsalainen L., Bhuiyan M. Z. H., Söderholm St., Thombre S. and Kuusniemi H. SID 20 Characterization of GNSS Measurement Distortions due to Antenna Array Processing in the Presence of Interference Signals, Vagle N., Broumandan A., Jafarnia A. and Lachapelle G. SID 28 Accelerated Collective Detection Technique for Weak GNSS Signal Environment, Narula L., Petovello M. G. and K. P. Singh
13:30 Context Awareness
SID 45 HMM-based Pedestrian Location and Motion Joint Estimation Toward a Smartphone Geo-Context Computing Solution, Liu J., Chen L., Chen Y., Tang J., Hyyppä J., Chen R., Chu T., Wenchao X. and Hyyppä H. SID 32 Development of a Contextual Thinking Engine in Mobile Devices, Chen R., Chu T., Wenchao X., Li X, Liu J., Chen Y., Chen L., Hyyppä J. and Tang J. SID 76 Semantic Labeling of Places Based on Phone Usage Features using Supervised Learning, Rivero-Rodriguez A., Leppäkoski H. and Piché R. SID 26 Thinking Aloud in Search of Landmark Characteristics in an Indoor Environment, Viaene P., Vanclooster A., Ooms K. and De Maeyer P.
15:15 Coffee Break
15:45 Poster Session
SID 00 Poster Teaser Presentation SID 34 Ariadne’s Thread: Robust Turn Detection for Path Back-Tracing Using the iPhone?, Flores G. H., Manduchi R. and Zenteno E. D. SID 13 Wireless Positioning Approach Based on Stochastic Resonance, He D. and Liu P. SID 18 Resolving Positions of Coherent Sources Using Linear Antenna Arrays at 2.4 GHz, Van Nieuwenhuyse A., Wielandt St., Goemaere J.-P., De Strycker L. and Nauwelaers B. SID 67 Efficient WiFi Fingerprint Training Using Semi-Supervised Learning, Yuan Y., Pei L., Xu Ch. Liu Q.and Gu T. SID 63 A Context Detection Approach Using GPS Module and Emerging Sensors in Smartphone Platform, Xu W., Chen R., Chu T., Kuang L, Yang Y., Li X., Liu J. and Chen Y. SID 27 Modeling Acoustic Localization Accuracy for Scalable Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Swarms, Chakraborty J., Ottoy G., Goemaere J. and De Strycker L. SID 23 Integrating Monocular Vision and Laser Point for Indoor UAV SLAM, Zeng Q., Wang Y., Liu J., Chen R. and Deng X. SID 41 Efficient UWB-Based Positioning Solution With the Wireless Synchronization, Kang S., Cho Ch., Youn J., Choi J. SID 66 Link Management in Mobile Sensor Networks, Mehrubeoglu M., Mclauchlan L. and Durham J.?
15:45 Applications
SID 36 Automated Stem Mapping Using SLAM Technology for Plot-Wise Forest Inventory , Chen Y., Tang J., Hyyppä J., Holopainen M., Liang X., Liu J., Chen L., Hakala T., Litkey P., Niu X. and Hyyppä H. SID 77 Evaluation of an Autonomous Navigation and Positioning System for IAEA Safeguards Inspectors, Finker D., Cai R., Kocjan J. and Rutkowski J. SID 62 Small-Scale UAS for Geoinformatics Applications on an Island Campus, Starek M. J., Davis T., Prouty D.and Berryhill J. SID 19 Human-Subject Tracking and Localization for a Hand Hygiene Monitoring System, Wan Y., Wang N. and Stombaugh T.
19:00 Dinner/Social Event

Day 3

Friday 21 Nov 2014
8:00 Registration
9:00 Keynote Speakers
From location-based sensing to sense-making LBS
Dr. Liqiu Meng

Google-scale Indoor Imagery and Mapping
Dr. Bryan Klingner
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Algorithms & Methods I
SID 25 Non-Line-of-Sight Mobile Station Positioning Algorithm Using TOA, AOA, and Doppler-Shift, Ramlall R., Chen J. and A. Lee Swindlehurst SID 58 Entropy-Based Non-Line of Sight Identification for Wireless Positioning Systems, Alsindi N., Chaloupka Z. and Aweya J. SID 49 Evolutionary Optimization of Sensor Deployment for an Indoor Positioning System With Unknown Number of Anchors, Domingo-Perez F., Lázaro Galilea J. L., Wieser A., Martín-Gorostiza E. and Salido-Monzú D.
12:15 Lunch
13:30 Mapping/SLAM
SID 56 Object Level Mapping of an Indoor Environment using RFID, Malla H., Purushothaman P., Rajan Sh. V. and Balasubramanian V. SID 04 Real-Time Indoor Mapping by Fusion of Structured Light Sensors, Kusari A., Pan Z. and Glennie C. SID 24 Gyroscope Assisted Scalable Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, Babu B. W., Cyganski D. and Duckworth J. SID 40 Comparison of Multiple Fault Detection Methods for Monocular Visual Navigation With 3D Maps, Li Z. and Wang J.
15:15 Coffee Break
15:45 Algorithms & Methods II
SID 52 Infrared Local Positioning System Using Phase Differences, Martín-Gorostiza E., Meca Meca F. J., Lázaro-Galilea J. L., Salido-Monzú D., Martos Naya E. and Wieser A. SID 10 To Wireless Fidelity and Beyond – CAPTURE, Extending Indoor Positioning Systems, Cullen G., Curran K.,Santos J. and Maguire G. and Bourne D. SID 11 Indoor Localisation for wheeled Platforms Based on IMU and Artificially Generated Magnetic Field, Hellmers H., Norrdine A., Blankenbach J. and Eichhorn A.
15:45 Wireless Networks & RF Technology
SID 30 TDOA Navigation Using CDMA2000 Signals – Experimental Results, Sadowski J. SID 16 Fast WiFi Access Point Localization and Autonomous Crowdsourcing, Zhuang Y., Wright B., Syed Z., Georgy J. and El-Sheimy N.Sheimy SID 74 Wifi-Based Indoor Localization and Tracking of a Moving Device, Hernández N., Ocaña M. Alonso J. M. and Kim E.

17:15 Closing